Boy Sings Emotional Song for His Brother Who Passed Away


This performance made me cry.

Hello, my dear friends. Well, you are ready to see another touching story that will not leave your life without leaving a trace. This is a story that happened on a show called “Australia Got Talents” A young guy whose name is Fletcher Pilon who could bring the audience to tears with his incredible touching singing. This song he dedicated to his dead brother. Everyone who watched this video cried like children.

Grief came to his family when Fletcher was 14 years old. He went up on stage with his guitar and said that there would be a song for his deceased brother. Fletcher added that his brother died almost 4 months ago. His soul ached so much that we could see tears in his eyes. The teenager said that his brother would always be in his heart.

Fletcher’s brother’s name was Banjo and he was only 10 years old. He was hit by a car while riding a skateboard. No one could hold back tears after Fletcher finished his performance.

Here are some comments under the video: “If you disliked it then you don’t know what it’s like to lose a brother or sister.”, “This hit me pretty hard… My younger sister passed away a few years ago and she was only 11 years old. This song is soooooo good!”, “why would you dislike this this poor guy losses this brother and any one else almost cry or cryed he needs to be a singer I know how it’s like to lose someone or a pet”

Now the young performer is already 19 years old, he became popular thanks to the famous Show, he released his first single called the Banjo in honor of his younger brother. We want to wish him good luck and strength and patience.

Well, it’s time to press the play button and watch the video that will touch all the strings of your soul. What do you think? This touching story will not leave you indifferent? Share your comments under the video.