Blast From the Past. Elvis and Sinatra Perform Witchcraft.


These two were just simply amazing!

Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra on the same stage – for the opportunity to see such a duet, you can sell your soul to the devil. However, things didn’t start out so smoothly between the two guys, and the duo, while legendary, was more of a mutually beneficial calculation. The fact is that in 1960 Elvis returned after two years of service in the army.

But you need to understand that rock and roll and the singer’s rapid success at that moment seemed to be something temporary, and not eternal, as it turned out later. And two years of service put Presley’s further singing career at great risk, because the main audience consisted of teenagers who, in a couple of years, could grow up and start listening to completely different music.

That is why, upon the return of Elvis to the stage, swift measures were required, and appearing on television accompanied by another equally bright star would be an excellent solution. Frank Sinatra was not a fan of rock and roll. Some of his quotes not long before that included phrases such as “rock and roll blows with deceit and falsehood” and “it is sung and composed, for the most part, by idiot idiots.”

It can be understood that it would be strange to expect Frank’s cooperation with a star of this musical genre. However, at that time Sinatra was already 45, and the ratings of his show “The Frank Sinatra Show” were gradually falling. And of course, Frank’s daughter Nancy played an important role here, who persuaded her father to work with Presley. As a result, in May 1960, viewers saw a special edition of Sinatra’s show called Welcome, Elvis. To a jazz orchestra, Presley sang part of the song “Witchcraft”, and Frank, in turn, “Love me Tender”, and it turned out to be a rather bright medley.

Watch the legendary duet below. Stunning performance!