Blake Shelton Welcomes the New Year with a Brand New Song.


Such a talented man!

Hello everyone! My dear friends, the New Year 2021 has come. We hope that it will bring us good luck, love, good health and prosperity. We hope that everyone spent the holidays well. We are very happy for you! Our celebrities tried in every possible way to raise the spirit of Christmas for us and also delighted us with their new songs.

Blake Shelton is a famous country singer who also gave us a new song called “the Minimum wage”. Blake met this New 2021 with his new song. He appeared on the NBC channel with a song called Minimum Wage. He said that a new video would be released soon. And we can finally normally hear another masterpiece.

This year 2020 was very romantic for the singer, since he became engaged to the famous singer Gwen Stefani. We are incredibly happy for him and wish to this couple happiness in personal life. Blake’s new song about love in the world. This is all that humanity needs, he sings that woman really brings to man love that makes a person feel rich.

This song has so many comments and here are some of them: “This can be another #1 hit for me. Has a good beat but love the chorus like to see him sing that for her. Wonder if there will be a video”, Love this. His happiness with Gwen just beams off of him”, Happiness and Love is what makes the world go round, its what helps you see past all the bad stuff,if you can’t let a man be happy then you got bigger problems than the world, im happy for Blake and Gwen! God bless them! and All yall,i pray your able to get through all this and come out smiling!”

Unfortunately, the recording of this song is not yet on the Internet so that you can listen to it and add it to your playlist.But we are looking forward to a good recording in good quality soon. And now, let’s watch another new video from the repertoire of this wonderful artist.

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