Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Make a New Duet Song “Happy Anywhere”


So happy and uplifting, just what we need right now.

The premiere of the joint single by talented Blake Shelton and beautiful Gwen Stefani “Happy Anywhere” took place on July 24, 2020. The singer performed as a backing vocalist for her civilian husband. “Even though Gwen and I already had one single this year, we decided that in this year’s circumstances, there wasn’t a better time for happiness anywhere,” the country musician said.

“We were all quarantined and isolated, and I hope we did it with someone we really love and love to be around.” Blake Shelton has openly stated the responsibility that arose as a result of his long-term affair with Gwen Stefani. Since they announced their relationship in late 2015, the country singer and world-famous singer has become one of the most famous couples in Hollywood.

Over the years, the couple have lived together, starring in The Voice, composing music and helping each other raise Gwen Stefani’s three beautiful sons, Kingston, he is 14, good buy Zuma, 11 and the youngest Apollo, he is 6, from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. Shelton said that this is a terrible moment for me, because, on the one hand, you have to be with the children and be their friend all the time, but after a while they start listening to what you say, and there is a lot of responsibility.

That is a novelty for me. As for spending time at home with Gwen Stefani and teens during the coronavirus pandemic, the star enjoyed all the benefits of being at home in Oklahoma, including growing flowers and actually staying there throughout the blackberry season. Gwen and Blake believe that the bond between them is stronger than anything they have experienced in the past.

When they say their vows, it will be like the first time for them, because they have never felt such a spiritual unity with anyone else. Amazing couple that inspires many other lovers. Let’s watch the video below. You will hear sounds of love in lyrics.