Comedian Mishears Lyrics On Britain’s Got Talent For Hilarious Routine.


Brilliantly done, I love this act!

Ben Langley hails from Norfolk and is a panto general, with a calendar packed loaded with gigs around the UK. Langley is a physical entertainer and an ace performer. He isn’t reluctant to accomplish something somewhat hazardous, as obvious by his trap of juggling swords while adjusting on a man’s shoulders.

You’ll never tune in to your main tunes similarly again in the wake of watching Ben’s silly tryout. His elucidation of the melodies is very unique in relation to what you know.

Tunes given the misheard verse treatment by Ben included Dancing Queen by Abba, Just Dance by Lady GaGa, Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones, Flashdance (What A Feeling) by Irene Cara and I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan in addition to I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys.

Singers should be careful on pronunciation when he’s listening. That kind of words were exactly how a non-native English speaker like me would think of when I heard those songs for the first time without checking the lyrics.

He nailed it excellently. This guy looks like he is bigger kid than his own kids. Brilliant audition, i never laughed so much on a BGT audition like i did on this one. Very funny, creative and original.

How many times have we listened to lyrics growing up through the years and all the while hearing those songs we finally find out the words of those songs we thought they were, are not’ even close to the words to the songs we’ve been singing. This is such a really funny act.

So hilarious! Cracked up so much! This year on BGT they have some good comedians that are very unique. Standing ovation from everyone and continuous laughter throughout the whole performance. His facial expressions are priceless .

Love how at the end the presenter felt like he missed out on a hug and had to go in for a hug. He is the perfect guy with amazing humor, he feels the song and makes them more funny for listeners. Great interpretation and incredible performance. Like him so much. Share with friends to have fun make their day for better.