Best Man Surprises Groom with Epic First Look Prank, Leaves Everyone in Stitches. Have a Look


The best prank ever!

This is what you need the best man for! The guy below decided to pull a hilarious prank on the groom and showed up to the wedding, dressed as a bride. David Hoffman was expecting to meet his beloved one, dressed to the nines and waiting for him to join the celebration.

Instead, he turned around to spot the best man, Timmy, who decided to wear a dress for the occasion. The besties take a look at one another and immediately start laughing out loud when they realize that the prank has been successful. The groom is bursting into giggles right on camera.

He cannot contain his emotions any longer, and you can tell that he is really enjoying the entertainment session. This was something that he did not expect, but when you invite your best friend for a wedding, you have to get ready for any kind of unexpected events.

The couple that is now all over the news told the press that they were initially planning to take part in the photo shoot that is organized for the bride and the groom right before the wedding takes place. They wanted to capture the moment when the young man turns around to see the love of his life because they knew that the reaction is going to be priceless.

However, the groom later changed his mind when he saw the jokes that have been promoted on the media in the previous years. His best man added that he was not very happy about the idea of a prank from the very start, but friends convinced him that it is going to work like a charm and he eventually agreed to become an active part of the entertainment process.

The groom did not wish to have any unexpected surprises on his wedding day, because this was going to be a significant moment in life. A few months down the road, though, he was already on board.

When Dennis turned around, he spotted his friend in a gown, who was smiling at him just like the bride should. The duo decided to pose for the cameras, which caused another wave of excitement among the guests. This was surely a wedding to remember, and you will definitely love the tape!