Best Friends Can’t Recognize Each Other After Gorgeous Makeover. See How Beautiful They Are


They look amazing!

Gretchen and Jean came on Today show to allow the makeup artists and stylists work their magic and transform them into the high-class ladies from upstate New York. They are besties that do everything together, and the decision to be featured on the show proved to be the right one when the pair finally revealed their makeovers in front of the viewers.

They did not have an opportunity to analyze their look earlier, but now, the crowd is cheering for them as they make a grand entrance on Today. The hosts welcome the ladies to join them in the studio, and the transformations are indeed brilliant.

With the hair color that flatters her face and a wardrobe change to accentuate her style, the first guest appears so elegant that you won’t be able to hide your excitement. She draws the attention of the audience, and it is impossible to forget the expressions that are displayed by the hosts when the woman struts into the studio.

Once her transformation was complete, she was allowed to cast a look in the mirror, and the outcome exceeds all expectations. This is the makeover that can be called one of the most mind-blowing game-changers in the history of the show. According to the press, the lady now feels refreshed and is looking forward to seeing her friend with a style that will knock the viewers off their feet.

The second guest is a mom of three, who lives in a big city together with family and friends. She is running errands all day long and does not have enough time to visit the beauty parlors along the well.

Being exceptionally wonderful and ambitious, she strives for a change in a personal lifestyle, and this is the reason she comes to the show in the first place. As the viewers continue to explore the options that are provided by the stylist, the lady appears in the background only to be welcomed by her friend.

The two have undergone transformations that are certainly worth checking out, and now, they are ready to become the stars of the screen. The ladies are overjoyed by their makeovers, and the audience is cheering!