Barry Gibb and Dolly Parton Remake a Bee Gees Song “Words”


An absolutely perfect choice for Dolly to do.

Famous singer Barry Gibb has announced a new album. The album was produced by Dave Cobb, and the main theme of the record was Gibb’s love of country and blues, which he carried throughout his life. According to Barry, the release “took on a life of its own” as soon as he and his associates got into the legendary RCA studio in Nashville, where Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison and many other famous artists recorded. Bee Gees is a popular band that has become famous all over the world thanks to its musical compositions and soundtracks.

The group was created in 1958, today it is included in the Rock Music Hall of Fame. The collective has all the major music awards. The Bee Gees began in 1958. The original team included the Gibb brothers and several of their friends. Children from the cradle perceived musical rhythms and from childhood they were engaged with instruments. Their father, Hughie, was the leader of a popular jazz band.

The first Gibb group was formed in 1955. In addition to them, the team included their friends. The group existed for three years and broke up. A new stage in the musical career of the Gibb brothers began in Australia, where they moved with their parents. While attending Northgate School, young people regularly gave concerts on the street, which allowed them to always have pocket money.

The first performance in public took place in 1960. Young people entertained the visitors of the Redcliffe Speedway. This became possible thanks to the acquaintance of young people with Bill Goode. A local DJ and promoter introduced the teenagers to the owner of a popular radio station. Since that time, the history of the team has gone uphill. The producers named the guys BGs, later the name of the group changed to the now recognizable Bee Gees. The original composition, in addition to the Gibbs brothers, included K. Petersen and W. Maloney.

Well, let’s remember how it was? Press the button and enjoy the song!