Baggage Handlers at Airport Where Freddie Mercury Once Worked Celebrate His Birthday with Special Performance



British Airways has reunited with the Heathrow Airport to prepare a special kind of surprise for all the fans of Freddie Mercury. The legend of music would be 72 this year, and to commemorate this date, the locals have managed to stage a flash mob that is going to blow minds of all the holidaymakers, arriving at the place.

There are not many of the viewers, who know that Freddie actually worked at the airport before he gained international fame and scored a chance to promote his talent on stage. This was long before the vocalist found his true calling on the scene and joined the band, known to the world as Queen.

The tribute was arranged to the song, called “I want to break free”. The video that accompanied the hit first appeared on the screen in 1984. The viewers probably know the clip due to Freddie Mercury’s unusual arrangements. He dressed as a housewife and copied the outfit of one of the characters from a TV soap opera.

Dancing with a hoover, the vocalist proved that his talent knows no boundaries. We don’t need to add anything about the impression that the workers of Heathrow made on everyone, who walked by the terminals on that day.

The baggage handlers wanted the date to be truly memorable, and we think that they definitely accomplished the mission when they arranged a concert right in the middle of the place. This was done in order to honor the memory of the legendary vocalist and make sure that his contribution to the world of music is not forgotten.

You can see the onlookers, holding their phones and recording the performance on their cameras. Although the airport is the kind of place where you would not expect the concert to be arranged, it still turned out to be a massive hit for the audience.

Those of you, who believe that Freddie’s talent is going to be praised for the generations to come, will appreciate the clip. The workers at the airport did their best to impress all the fans and people, who were walking by. They are dancing to music like real experts, and we are glad to have come across the tape!