Awesome Twins Deliver an Epic Cover of “It’s Raining Men”.


They are adorable. Absolutely talented.

Music lessons accelerate the development of the child’s brain. Especially those areas that are responsible for speech, reading and communication skills. The study involved 37 children from a disadvantaged area of ​​Los Angeles aged 6-7 years. 30 children had 7 hours of music lessons per week in the local youth orchestra, 11 children were enrolled in the football section, the rest were not involved in any classes.

The researchers compared the three groups by tracking the electrical activity of the brain, conducting behavioral testing, and tracking changes through brain scans. The results showed that the auditory systems of children who played music developed much better than the participants of the other two groups.

Music provides an incentive for sound processing. And this is important for reading skills, language development and successful communication. Music has a strong effect on the brain and the body, because it is based on a rhythmic structure. People always sang – lullabies, rituals, religious songs.

When people do something together, like sing, it literally helps them get on the same wavelength. When we sing in a choir, after some time all participants synchronize brain oscillations. This means that people begin to interact well and understand each other. It’s a powerful unifying tool. The brain quickly catches the imposed rhythm.

It is able to change the frequency of oscillations, and therefore – changes the functional state of man. When a child hears a lullaby, he calms down faster. Drums can help us when we need to release tension.

In the video below you will see the awesome twins that deliver their energy rendition of Raining Men. The judges were surprised because they just burned the stage and the performance was so bright! I have only one question – where is the Golden Buzzer?