This Is Archy, the Horse Who Will Raise Your Mood. He’s So Funny!


Watch every time when I’m sad.

Endless for retelling the topic, but always quite fascinating. At first glance, all horses seem to be the same, especially if they are of the same suit or breed. But the main thing that distinguishes them from each other is the characters. Character – this is what manifests itself in the work, despite the upbringing. Or against it. Not always a difficult horse is a consequence of a bad rider (coach for horses).

There can be some horses of different characters. And one good-natured mare always had the same kind foals. They stretched with curiosity to the people on the same day when they first rose to their feet. And the older they became, the more they showed interest in bipeds. They allowed carrying out almost any manipulations.

And almost all of them grew up as human-oriented horses that do not beat or bite on purpose. The maximum – the ears will be squeezed, if something does not like. And from the other few mares the foals grew from the first days as harmful and embittered.

He just got up on his feet, and already pulls backwards, trying to get rid of the man. They bite, fight, ears always clench. And the older they become, the more difficult it is to work with them. And even if we take into account that the same riders work with both kinds of foals, the horses all grow very different. How so?

After all, the technique is the same. Well, what can I say? Genetics, a personal example of the mother, a human factor … all this forms a horse character. And the way it will later manifest itself. For example, one mare is constantly ridden by horsemen. Even if she does not beat or bite, she still demonstrates her reluctance to contact anyone.

And now I know it for ten years … it does not change. What was in my childhood – this remains now. Only hoofing by the people stopped. Her from this in the year was disaccustomed. But it can scare you.

But now for your attention one horse which made really laughable situation. Turn on video and it will make your mood better.