Marine Reunites with Puppy He Saved in Afghanistan and This Video Will Bring Tears of Joy to Your Eyes


So sweet!

Sgt. Jacob Fisher met Jax when he was deployed in Afghanistan. He noticed that the pup was all alone and decided to rescue the little one from the troubles that he had to endure. Given the conditions in which the dog was living in, the Marine knew that he could not leave the pooch like that.

He did not even consider abandoning the dog when he returned home, that’s why he organized a special kind of reunion with his friend several years ago. Jacob is filming the event on camera, and we think that the moment you are going to witness next is simply priceless.

It reminds us that there is still kindness in this world, so if you are determined to lift your mood for the entire week, watch the meeting between the sergeant and his most loyal companion. Jacob adds that he owes a lot to the pup who helped him overcome depression and heal mental scars that were left after coming back from the military reality. This is the reason the man wants the dog to stay by his side all the time.

When he first noticed Jax in Afghanistan, he had the impression that the pup was deeply miserable. He was looking for a friend that would cheer him up in times of trouble and take good care of the pooch without leaving him all alone. Dreams seem to be coming true for the dog, and we hope that you are going to enjoy the footage that was viewed more than three million times.

The lovers of the animal videos will be overjoyed to know that Jaz has made it home. Now, he is residing with his new family and enjoying the company of his owner. Though he is no certified therapy pooch, he managed to become the source of joy for everyone around. Jax and his owner can be called the heroes of the day.

Their meeting is so touching that you will find yourself coming back to the clip to take advantage of the marvelous scene. The reunion that you are going to see below will warm your heart. The pup is home with his bestie, and they are celebrating the meeting in the best way possible. When they say that dogs can lift our mood, you have to agree!