Creative Photos of Girl and Her Dog Take the Internet by Storm. Have a Look


Great idea!

Ursula Aitchinson from the UK has always had a passion for art, but when she went to study at the university, she felt like the lesson mostly dulled the passion for what she was doing. Instead, the young lady turned to photography and followed the tips of her teacher, who told her we can capture the best moments on camera if we pay enough attention.

The hero of the compilation has a loyal companion, named Hugo. Though he cannot always accompany his owner when she is going out to create a photoshoot, he provides help on a daily basis by posing together with Aitchinson. They formed a duo that has become popular all over the media, and it is no wonder that the cheerful dog has a personal Instagram account, where she regularly posts updates on her favorite pooch.

You are going to appreciate the selection of photos, showing us that the project has been successful. At the moment, the lady is enjoying every minute of the time, spent with her friend and shares her positivity with the audience. Check out the creative photos of the owner and her pet!

  1. When you are going to work, you have to be stylish at all times. Look at Hugo, who is the king of fashion together with his owner!

  1. They are brushing their teeth at the same time, and it is a reminder that the pets may want to change our habits whenever we bring them into the household.

  1. The seriousness of this photo goes through the roof, and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

  1. This is what happens when you decide to try on the same outfits and impress the fans with your clothing choices!

  1. The duo is so adorable that you will find yourself staring at them again and again.

  1. Celebrating Christmas together is an excellent idea unless you have different tastes in presents!

  1. The lady and her dog look like spies that have arrived in the country, following the protocol of the complete secrecy. The game is on!

  1. Life is full of opposites, and the following photo illustrates that to the full!

  1. Hugo is sitting in a café and thinking about his daily routine. We think that his outfit is adorable, and the perfect timing of the image says it all!