10 Hilarious Pics That Will Make You Say ‘Your Cat Is Probably Broken’


Cats always make me smile!

Some cats are so flexible that you might have an impression that they are doing yoga. They are so adorable that even their owners do not always know how to act when they are in the middle of their daily routine. They can take poses that are indeed strange, but that doesn’t mean that we love them less.

Prepare to be watching the kittens as they are running around the house and adopting the weirdest positions ever. Even though you might think that they are really comfortable, they prove that we cannot judge a book by its cover. Prepare to be blown away by the compilation that will improve your mood right away.

These cats are so hilarious that you may think that they are already defying the laws of physics. They do not cease to amaze us with their manners, and that is enough for the fans to fall in love with the little ones below. This is the reason we love pets so much. They are capable of bringing the strangest poses to the screen without feeling guilty!

  1. When you are flexible, you need to show that to the whole world.

  1. This cat is trying to get some treats, and we believe that he is about to finish that mission.

  1. The little one does not want his owner to mind his own business. Instead, he demands attention for himself!

  1. He wants us to believe that he knows the basics of yoga, and we think that this cat is indeed special.

  1. When you wish to claim the box as your rightful place, you will use every opportunity to do so. Prepare to be blown away by the image you are going to see next!

  1. This fellow is trying to get inside, and this is the reason we love him so much. His imagination does not have any limits!

  1. The feline is the boss in the house, and he does not hesitate to show it off to everyone around.

  1. The lady was trying to pet the little one, but he decided that he is not going to have it, so he ran off in a matter of seconds.

  1. This pet is staring at the wall as if he found the answer to all his inquiries. He will put a smile on your face!

  1. When you are in the mood for entertainment, no item is safe in the household. The cat follows his own rules and does not listen to anyone!