10 Funny Photos of Clumsy Dogs to Make Your Day!



Dogs are known to be very intelligent, but we think that the guys in the compilation below have decided to defy the rules and prove that they do not need to be taught on the basic matters. As a result, they ended up in the hilarious situations that you need to check out below.

Prepare to be wowed by the cuties you are going to witness next and don’t forget to treat them like the kings of the media. No matter what they do, dogs tend to stay loyal to the owners, which is another reason they should be praised on a daily basis. Though they may appear silly at first, it’s nothing more than a way of entertainment and an option when the humans are doing something else and cannot show their affection.

We do not deny the possibility that the pups simply wanted to stay the center of attention, that’s why they figured out that the safest way to do it was pretending that they are indeed too awkward. The compilation will put a smile on your face because these dogs are indeed too funny to be true!

  1. The pooch is trying to eat the rainbow, and the owners say that the pet acts like this all the time. The picture will put a smile on your face!

  1. This dog is so cute that we can’t get enough of her appearance.

  1. When the pet is about to dig into the trash bin, the owners are here to take a picture.

  1. He thinks that he is tied to a place, and we cannot get enough of the picture.

  1. The chips are so good that the dog decides to dive in right away. You will be rolling on the floor with laughter when you see him below!

  1. This is a threat to all the plastic bags, and the dog knows that he is being watched all the time.

  1. This fellow has not planned an escape route yet, so he gets stuck in the fence. The owner needs to come to the rescue as soon as possible and save the pet that he loves the most.

  1. The dog has a favorite toy, but sometimes, he decides that he is going to play rough. This leads to the scene you are going to see next.

  1. The pet thinks that hiking is the best way to spend time, but he has to figure his way around the tent.

  1. This hero is playing with his own tail, and the media users are already in love with the guy.