Andrea Bocelli’s Son Surprises Audience with Sensual Rendition of ‘Love Me Tender’. Watch and Enjoy!


Simply beautiful!

It is known that Andrea Bocelli has been hailed as one of the most successful performers in the world. So it would only be fitting if his sons inherited his singing talents. The performer surely passed the music genes down to his children, so they would definitely agree with the saying that it all runs in the family.

You will be thrilled to witness one of the most ambitious heirs of the Bocelli family below. We are talking about Andrea’s son Matteo, who proves that the apple never goes far from the apple tree, and it is brilliant to discover the abilities of another young gem whenever he comes on stage.

Matteo surprises the audience with the touching rendition of “Love Me Tender” by the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley and his hit have won audiences with the composition, and now, it is Bocelli’s song that renders the tune in front of the fans. Although the performance is labeled as a backstage one, you will soon find out more about the wonderful rendition.

It proves that one is never too young to start a career in music. You will be blown away when you learn more about the history of the cover. Andrea covered the song for his album back in the day, and now, it is time for his son to prove that he is no less talented.

The music experts are certain that the representatives of the Bocelli family are different when it comes to technical traits, but they are both capable of rendering the message of the music theme to the full, which makes them stand out among the others and believe in the power of a dream.

However, there are fans that claim that the level of voice control that Matteo possesses is simply amazing. They are certain that this is one of the most prominent episodes, featuring the vocalist, who has a lot ahead of him.

The viewers are waiting for the young gem to sign a contract that would allow him to showcase the abilities to the full. This is another proof that we need artists like the one below. He fills the room with his presence and feels entirely comfortable whenever he is on stage!