Andrea Bocelli Delivers Emotional Live Performance in Basilica di San Francesco


Most beautiful voice in the most beautiful!

Hello my dear friends! Today you will hear the incredible voice that conquers your heart from the very first notes. We are talking about the voice of the famous singer Andrea Bocelli. The video below will show you how he knows how to use it and how talented he is. Andrea Bocelli is a singer from Italy, he performs classical and popular music and he is also successful performs in the field of opera music.

This famous singer was born in the Tuscany region. In his childhood he had his own firm where he learned how to play the piano as well as other musical instruments such as the flute and the saxophone. By the way, he will play the flute in today’s video. In his childhood Andrea had eye problems, he underwent many operations and in the end he got blind.

The cause of his blindness was a strong blow to the head while playing football. Well, that did not prevent Andrea from graduating from school and successfully enrolling in a law university and he received a law degree. But the future artist still loved music and opera overcame the desire to be a lawyer. He decided he would study singing.

Bocelli had the best teachers such as Franco Corelli and the excellent Luciano Pavarotti. He made his first debut in 1994, all his performances are incredibly successful because Andrea Bocelli’s voice fascinates from the very first notes and does not let go until the very end. After his performance, you want to comprehend life and think about what something good and pleasant.

We think many of you love this singer and want to listen to his voice again. Despite many difficulties in life, he was able to achieve success and now inspires the whole world with his performances.

Press the play button and enjoy the great performance of this Italian singer. Don’t forget to share your emotions about his performance on stage. Enjoy your viewing and have a good mood.