Andrea and Mateo Bocelli Give Emotional Cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect Symphony’. Enjoy!


Wow! Just wow!

Andrea and Matteo Bocelli gathered for the emotional rendition of the song, called “Perfect Symphony”. Originally performed by Ed Sheeran, this masterpiece of music taste has so many fans that it is no wonder that the singers wanted to make the cover special. It tells us about the emotional rollercoaster that is often associated with love.

The simple truth of the composition reaches your soul, and we think that these artists do not need to provide us with their titles and awards to help us believe that they know their craft. It is delightful to witness father and son reaching harmony while performing the hit, and the audience has been waiting for this rendition for ages.

This is the kind of show that will be appreciated by true fans, and since it was filmed in the Radio 2 Piano Room, the sound is beyond amazing. You will agree that real artists do not need to use special effects to make an impression on the public. They appear in the spotlight and steal the show right away.

Ken Bruce invited Andrea and Matteo to display their phenomenal abilities in front of the large crowd, but he never knew that the tape is going to become viral as soon as it was posted. The lovers of sweet music will definitely recommend the cover to friends, and all we have to do is sit back and relax while the performers are belting out the words of the spectacular melody.

Though it is not one of the easiest hits out there, they still manage to render all the notes with elegance and precision that are truly brilliant. This cover deserves to be mentioned in the news, and the voices blend together in the perfect fashion. Ed Sheeran has created a melody that goes straight to your soul, and we think that it is the reflection of your inner feelings.

We love the way the performers sit together when they are belting out the words, and you can tell that they are enjoying every sound. Get ready for the composition that will make your day better in a matter of minutes. These are the real stars of the music industry!