Amusing First Ever Encounter of Golden Retriever And New German Shepherd Puppy


He’s sooo excited!

Good morning, my lovely friends! Are you in a good mood? We hope yes, but if it’s not true you will cheer up after you will see this sweet video! Below you’re going to see the funny first ever meet of Golden Retriever and a puppy of German shepherd. What do you know about these two incredible breeds of dogs?

German Shepherds love people, fun and food. They don’t like too boring days and they don’t like if someone is knocking on your door. They often seek to please, but even more they seek to see what is hidden in the bushes. In addition to restraint from strangers, shepherds begin to bark very loud when people try to knock on family’s door. And they will not hesitate to protect those who love them if danger arises.

The German Shepherd will not be able to stay away from something that interests her for a long time. They like to explore their surroundings and check the boundaries of their yard. Their curiosity is especially noticeable at a young age, when shepherd puppies explore literally everything they can with their noses and paws.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most gentle and obedient dogs around. In 2006, the Scottish Club “Golden Retriever” hosted a festival that celebrated its 50th anniversary. Nearly 200 golden retrievers from around the world have come to enjoy the festivities, making it the largest group of dogs ever photographed in one place.

This record was broken in 2013, when 222 dogs appeared at the ceremony this year. Dogs and owners were able to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Both breeds are incredible and very friendly.

In the video you will see the funny reaction of dogs that will cheer you up and bring you good emotions for the whole day! Press the play button and enjoy! You will love them both because they are so cute and sweet!