American Idol Judges Are Skeptical of This Man Till He Starts Singing. Watch His Powerful Audition


What a voice!

Trevor McBane has a dream that will certainly come true after the audition on the American Idol. This talented young man looks like a real cowboy, and the judges immediately make him at ease by asking the contestant a number of questions about his background, goals, and achievements.

He made a post on social media, asking the audience for their support and telling them that he is going to audition for the show any day now. He added that he is ready to take his chance and prove that he has a lot in store to show to the viewers.

The upcoming season of the talent competition has already lured millions of fans to the screen, and it seems that the following performance is not an exception, since the young man is really good at what he is doing.

According to the news, he had a long journey towards the music fame, but once he realized that he can express his feelings to the full and start with the brilliant cover of the melody “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band, he moved forward with confidence that is highly anticipated on the show. His vocal range is impressive, and the judges seem to be charmed with his manners the second the contestant steps into the spotlight.

He has been practicing for ages, but when asked about his inspiration and someone that he can look up to in times of need, he immediately relies that he deeply loves and respects his grandmother, who is the reason he came on the show in the first place. You will be delighted to discover the audition that has no rivals on the media channels, and we think that the positive reviews of the audience confirm the suspicion that this vocalist may be one of the best on the program.

He is not afraid to show what he is capable of, and when he is given an opportunity to display his talents in front of the audience, he practically steals the show with the rendition that is going to be remembered for a long time. Watch him below and prepare to be wowed by the vocalist that has already gained the affection of the judges and is now gathering his own fan base on the show!