After 43 Years Apart, Woman And Her Biological Daughter Has Tear-Jerking Reunion


They deserve happiness! llo my dear friends.

Today you’re going to know about the touching story that will make you cry for sure. This story is about a woman whose name is Beth Stewart and she is from Arizona. And all her life she knew that she was adopted. She is 43 years old and during all these years she had only one question in her mind, who is her real mum.

Beth never seen her biological mother from childhood but she still could feel the bond between them. When she grew up she started to be curious even more. She was thinking, maybe that woman (my mother) can go just pass on the street or maybe she is standing in one line with me. Beth has always been wondering a lot. So at 18 years old she decided to start the searching.

The only problem was that she never had any information about her mother, because the record of her adoption was sealed. But she refused to give up even after many years of trying. She decided to join the DNA website and then she succeeded to know the real answer.

The website connected her with woman named Annette Gajewski the real mother. Besides she got to know that her mum was also searching for her for many years. In June but flew to Traverse City Michigan state where they first met after 43 years! The emotions are off the scale and it’s impossible to see the moment when they first time hug each other! You can’t help but crying actually.

The mother of Beth said that it was a really hard decision to give the baby for adoption, she was only 20 years old and she had a bad marriage and she couldn’t care about her small baby. Annette said that she always kept her daughter in her heart and she never forget her.

In the video below you’re going to see an extremely tear jerking moment! Now mother and daughter speak everyday and wherever they are they will remember about each other always. After their reunion Beth even did a flower tattoo, the same as her mama has. The old lady also got two grandchildren after she reunited with her real daughter.

Let wish them happiness!