Adorable Little Koala Enjoys Her Belly Massage! Watch the Cuteness!


I’m so envy right now!

Now koalas live only in Australia — and not everywhere, but only in the southeastern part of the continent. Outwardly, they resemble small cubs: sedentary with thick short hair gray-smoky or rust-colored, small round, blind eyes, flattened oval nose, short tail and large widely spaced ears with long hair at the edges.

This is now the koalas are one of the symbols of Australia, but once the European settlers quickly replaced them from the places of Australia and almost destroyed because of the rare beauty of their soft fur coat with fur three centimeters. And after all, these animals appeared on the mainland more than 30 million years ago, and according to the beliefs of local Aborigines, they were once people.

Scientists have so far been unable to determine to which species the koala living in Australia belongs. At first, they thought that it was a panda or bear, then they decided that his relative was a wombat, a kangaroo or a possum (all of them, like the koala, are herbivorous marsupials).

But if the relationship still exists, the researchers have not yet been able to trace their roots. Koala is a unique animal not only because it lives in the wild only in Australia, but also on many other grounds: the koala almost never drinks water; koala sleeps most of the life; The koala spends most of his life motionless on the trees;

The koala feeds exclusively on the leaves of several species of eucalyptus; koala is able to growl; The koala can jump and run and even swim, but almost never does; koala marsupial animal, but her bag is wrapped with a hole down;

The koala is absolutely defenseless from man; koala has a magnificent warm and fluffy fur. Workers of the Australian zoo Symbio Wildlife Park showed “the most relaxed koala in the world.” This koala is called Harry and Harry knows what a real rest is.

The title “the most relaxed koala in the world” was given to him for the mimicry of the muzzle with which he sits, when his tummy is scratched.