Adorable Corgi is Loving Her Own Electric Massager and It’s Too Cute


This pooch has made my day!

On a walk, the corgi will never growl at the dog, although it will always be able to stand up for itself, will not offend the child, and will happily take part in the game of hide and seek or football. Oddly enough, dogs also rarely show aggression towards the corgi, and vigilant parents rarely pull back the kids who rushed to hug the smiling fox. The whole appearance of the Pembroke exudes happiness, kindness and inexhaustible optimism.

In everyday life, the corgi is a simple and comfortable breed. Not long hair, to which dirt does not stick, small size. A walk with a corgi can be entrusted to both a child and an elderly person. The corgi will not take up much space in the apartment, and the dog’s food is not burdensome for the family. The Pembroke is an ideal city dog ​​for a large and friendly family where there are children, perhaps other animals, where it is always warm and fun, and everyone is ready to give love and affection to a small dog, receiving in return so much that is enough for everyone.

Welsh Corgi is distinguished by a great love of life, liveliness, benevolence and innate intelligence. This breed is amazing and extraordinary. The most appropriate description of the Pembroke qualities is “Big dog in a small body.” These small dogs quite consider themselves large and very warmly relate to relatives much larger than themselves. But not only they have such an opinion of themselves.

Among owners and amateurs, corgi are also considered mini-shepherds. Indeed, they are connected by a similar model of behavior and basic character traits. Corgis are brave, they do not give in to larger dogs, do not give in or leave, let alone run away, get scared or whine. In general, dogs are treated neutrally, in extreme cases, tolerant. Although not averse to play with friends of all sizes and breeds.

They also love massage very much. Watch the cutest video below.