How did I become an actress


If you really want to know it, then listen.

I was born in a rich family, where my father is a big business owner. I had a happy childhood. A lot of friends, toys , entertainments. I was happy, until moment when my father lost everything. We started to survive. My mother became a nurse. What about father ? He started drinking a lot. I didn’t know what to do.

There was only one thing, that I knew how to do. Theatre. In my childhood I was the great actress. Everyone praised me and was delighted with my acting. So, I decided to return to the theater. There were my ex screenwriter and director. They were happy to see me. Obviously,they invited me to be actress again (they good paid for it). I couldn’t say no.
Most often we played various composition of the 19th century. It was boring and I was very tired because I literally lived there. I didn’t sleep and eat. I thought only about my family.

In two years my father renew his business and everything was great except me. I didn’t love theater and I really wanted to be an actress in the movie. I loved cinema. I told my director about it. He understood everything very well and gave me support.
I started looking for the any auditions and, finally, I did it.
The nice people accept me and I started working.

I worked with the guy, who has the second main role in the drama movie. He asked me : “What is your further movements? What are you gonna do after this movie?”. I didn’t know what to say and I said true :”I will find the auditions again”. He suggested me to go with him to Australia. There is the good producer, who could conclude the contract with me. It was difficult, but I agreed. We conclude the contract for 3 years and, also, I was really glad to be in that awesome place. I got the main female role and we started acting. It was glorious. I started live. I understand that everything, what I need it’s being in other place and do, what I really want.

All that time I just tried to survive. I haven’t any desire or dream. I thought only about money. Not about myself. But today. I am absolutely happy person and I found what I love more than everything.
I’m very grateful to my life experience, knowledges and skills. I am happy. I am an actress.