91-Year-Old Grandma Humorously Guesses Pokemon Names. So Funny! Watch.


What a funny granny!

There is something truly endearing about the seniors, who are trying to get a grip on the modern trends. There is no better way that can help you bring the week up than watching this video of an elderly lady, who is discovering the name of the most famous Pokemon. Her granddaughter is enlightening the woman about the titles of these adorable characters, and grandmother is positively shocked.

She makes several attempts to guess the names of the creatures, and after a few more minutes, they all look the same to the poor lady. This may seem like an easy task, but if we stop for a moment and think about the generation gap that is a real deal these days, we will agree that granny is doing a great job.

The outcome of the game is so touching that you won’t be able to get enough of the video. Granny is doing her best when she appears on the screen, and when she learns more about the animals, she’s got questions for her granddaughter.

The girl tells her that Pokemon was basically created as a battle creature with the initial purpose to fight people. This does not go well with the hero of the today’s video, who thinks that this attitude is not fair. She urges the people to be kinder to the characters they see in front of them, and the footage turns out to be even more touching than intended. We believe that we can all side with the granny, who decided to make up a new name for the orange Pokemon.

She calls him Hamilton, and if this is not enough to make you swoon, you will be smitten when you hear the lady’s interpretation of some other nicknames that are used in popular culture. Many viewers confess that they had no idea about the Pokemon’s functions when they were first introduced to these funny animals, but when they learned about their battle talents, they were immediately drawn into the game.

The woman in the video may be 91 years old, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t catch up on trends that she sees on the screen. The footage will keep you entertained for the entire week, and even if you do not consider yourself to be a huge fan of these pocket creatures, you will appreciate granny’s ability to call them by their names.

Pokemon toys became a part of the popular culture a long time ago, but seeing an elderly person getting familiar with these guys is something else. We love the way the lady is trying to understand the concept of the characters and the reason they were created in the first place.

It is natural that she cannot comprehend the whole list of names at once, but we hope that she is thrilled by the process. Her granddaughter can’t hold back the laughter, because she is too hilarious, and we think we know why she decided to record her granny’s reaction on camera. Though she is not an expert in Pokemon yet, she has learnt a lot about them in one day!