This 88-Year-Old Grandma Dances Like a Young And Conquers the Internet!


She’s so awesome!

Our life is like dance. All this is because our character is closely interwoven with the language of the body. As in dances, in life there are new ideas, plans, and also something new, after which it is desirable to realize it in life. As Jacques d’Amboise said, dance is your heartbeat, the beating of your heart, your breathing; this is the rhythm of your life; it’s an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sorrow and envy…

The dancing person invests all his soul and emotions in motion. It depends on our emotions how we pass on to others what we feel. In life, unfortunately, not everything is so beautiful and rhythmic, as in dance.

When a person loses faith, it affects her life and affairs. Here it is possible to notice that in dances, too, this happens, which is called “creative crisis”. Life as a career has both ups and downs. We have to fight to the end, because our life is too short to stop halfway.

But most people have learned to deal with this ailment… And the main thing is not to pay attention to the age. Dance is a thing that will be with you from the first months to the last. So it’s nice to see that old people continue to dance without looking at anything, they just fit into the love. They hear a famous song, and they are again young and green.

It makes me happy. And I’m sure that most people hope that they can feel as free as the character of our video at her age. To finish thinking about the body language is wanted by the words of Michael Jackson: “Consciousness expresses itself through creativity. The world in which we live is the creator’s dance.

Dancers come and go at one moment, but the dance continues to live. Very often, when dancing, I feel the touch of something sacred. At such moments, I feel that my soul flies in and becomes one with all that exists. I will become stars and a month. I love and love. I become a winner and a loser. I become a master and a slave. I will become a singer and a song. I continue to dance – this eternal dance of creation.

Creator and creation merge in harmony. I continue to dance … and dance … and dance, because there is only … dance. ”