87-Year-Old Willie Nelson Talks Life, Health and Career.


I love him so much. Talented man!

Hello my friends, today we Gonna talk about Willie Nelson. A great man and talented singer! Here you will find a piece of interview With incredible Willie Nelson at the age of 87. He said that Never Ever Think He’d Get This Old. We all know Willie and love his music. This man did a lot for music industry.

Due to Slate’s project on the 80 most influential Americans over 80 years old, we decided to find the interview of famous Willie Nelson. He is 87 now and he feels so good. This man is an iconic singer and songwriter. We can say he is the father of country music. Here is the talk of Willie and Slate’s editor.

Editor asked that many of the Willie’s songs sound like being sung by an old soul. And added. What did you think about getting old when you were younger? Willie Nelson answered that when he was young, he was quite dumb. And he added that nothing changed. He still don’t know everything.

His phrase: “I didn’t ever think I’d get this old” made us rolling on the floor. Another question sounded like What’s it been like to be impossible to play in person to a live audience this year during pandemic. Willie answered that it was a hard year. Not easy time but we just have to go through it. Editor continued and asked is he worried about live music and live venues? Willie answered that he hopes that everything will come back. Have you listened to Willie’s new album?

Sinatra tribute album is just incredible. Each song tells a special story. That was one of the things I loved about Frank, his phrasing. He never done it twice the same way. Another good question from editor: Are you still doing martial arts? Yes, he still do Martial Arts! Amazing man! And now let’s remember young Willie Nelson.

Press the play button and watch the video below. This is a live performance of I Never Cared For You that will bring you some good memories.