82-Year-Old Granny Wins the Internet with Flawless Charleston Dance. See It!


She made my day!

This lady is overthrowing stereotypes the second she appears on the screen, and we think that the following video belongs in the news. It proves that seniors can surprise us with the moves and present the kind of dancing that has to be mentioned on the social accounts by the users, who believe that the traditional elements of choreography are the best.

We are here to introduce the footage that has already gained more than 800,000 views and remains one of the most popular dancing videos in the world. The tradition of dancing Charleston may be a piece of cake to the granny below.

She has decided to turn the world of the media channels upside down when she took part in the mini-commercial that shows her being revived by the special kind of medicine and later diving into the dance that would give professional performers a run for their money.

The video shows the lady trying to catch her breath as she is struggling to stand, the walking cane in her hands. She obviously does not have strong health, but everything changes when she takes wonder medicine that makes her full of joy.

The seniors are often considered incapable of wowing the audiences on the spot, but the same cannot be said about the woman below. She is the epitome of elegance, and when she steals the show with her dance, you know that she deserves a standing ovation. Prepare to be blown away by the routine that has been created by the granny.

She may be 82, but that doesn’t mean that she would be sitting still when the music is playing in the background. If you think that you have seen it all, it is time to discover the wonderful lady below and get confirmation that her moves are still on point while she displays them in front of her fan base.

This lady does not hesitate to show off her talents, and we think that she needs to be given an award for the Charleston that makes her the star of the media. We need to watch her dancing the night away as more videos of her are posted on the popular accounts. This is the reason she is so loved by the fans!