8 Famous Actors Over 90 Who Still Rule the Hollywood


Blessings to them all.

Anthropological historians have found that for most of human history, the average life expectancy has been very short – about 30-35 years. And only relatively recently, starting from the XVII – XVIII centuries, life expectancy began to grow, and in developed countries this process continues today.

Basically, it is associated with increased welfare, improved quality of life, the development of medicine. Only hard work on yourself will allow everyone to make themselves an energetic long-lived, enjoy endless health. As we grow older, we notice various changes in our body, which can be called in one word “aging”.

Up to 30 years some may need glasses, up to 40 – we understand that maintaining the former body weight is more difficult, up to 50 – we notice that we can no longer play as actively with children as before, and up to 60 – we may not hear that we talking on the other side of the table.

In the list below there are 10 famous people in Hollywood that still still got some fuel in his tank. Check them out.

1. Mel Brooks. American film director, actor and producer, known for this film parody and film paints. Winner of the Oscar (1969) for writing the screenplay for this directorial debut “The Producers”.

2. Edward Asner was born in 1929. The Emmy-winning actor.

3. Incredible Dick Van Dyke. The star of Mary Poppins. We love you!

4. Betty White is an incredible woman. We all know her and respect. Wish you wealth! It’s hard to believe she’s 98 years old! Looks fantastic.

5. Angela Lansbury. Plays in theatre and appears on TV. She’s 94 years old.

6. Clint Eastwood. Genius man and director. Born in 1930

7. Estelle Parsons. Oscar winning actress and a wonderful woman.

8. Carl Reiner. The beloved comedian.

Although in old age some physiological functions begin to fade, there is a counter-process: the body actively resists negative things, using the reserve of vital forces, which is provided specifically for this period by nature itself. Let’s wish all these people strong health.