79-Year-Old Dancer Paddy and Her Partner Nico Stun the Crowd with Steamy Salsa to Ricky Martin’s Hit


That was awesome!

Paddy and Nico storm the stage of Britain’s Got Talent with the salsa dancing that has no equals on the media. We won’t be exaggerating if we say that these two are a sensation. Although Paddy has turned 79 when she decided to take part in the talent competition, her partner says that she is full of energy and a real pleasure to work with.

Nico and the lady met when they had been practicing dancing in Spain. The two have been inseparable ever since, but when they first appeared on the scene of Britain’s Got Talent, the judges could not believe that Paddy is going to bust out all those moves. Though she is a senior with experience, she still had to get ready for the dancing routine.

The two had become the first couple to receive the Golden Buzzer on the show, and when they had been propelled into the semi-finals, the judges decided that they are going to support the unusual duo no matter what. However, the couple had faced some difficulties when they’ve been preparing for the routine below.

It turned out that the lady has a health condition that does not allow her to show the talents to the full. the two did not know whether they are going to take part in the competition in the future and were worried about the choreography that had to be toned down in pace and acrobatic tricks.

Though there was a certain amount of controversy, surrounding the act, since Paddy and Nico had already won Spain’s Got Talent, they were still allowed to take part in the competition and wow the viewers with their wonderful dancing. Below, you will see the two leaving the audience speechless. Their outfits are indeed majestic, and the way they present themselves needs to be mentioned in the news.

Meet Paddy and Nico, who has won the audience over with their choreographies, and give a standing ovation to the couple that defies the stereotypes. These guys deserve our respect, and it is no wonder that they are so appreciated by the viewers on the show. They are certainly special, and they do not hesitate to show it on the screen!