78-Year-Old Woman Gives Herself an Incredible Makeover and Looks Decades Younger. Check This Out


She looks stunning!

Makeovers can be really complicated, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue with Joann Hopkins. She is the lady who mesmerizes the audience with her transformation, and we can’t get enough of this woman’s powerful message.

She is the mother of the renowned makeup artist Christopher Hopkins. He has a channel on YouTube, where he is often posting the makeover videos with the astonishing transformations that knock the viewers off their feet. He says that his mother has always been an inspiration.

She was the one to teach him that the art of putting a full face on demands time and dedication. Below, Joann is surprising the fans with the makeup routine that literally makes her look ten years younger. According to her son, this wonderful lady does not forget to learn something new about brushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadow every single day.

She is willing to try out the brand new products that come her way, and when she starts commenting on the items that she has in store, the audience is laughing out loud. The whole routine is based on Joann’s understanding of the makeup process.

She tells the ladies who are considered to be seniors that they should be afraid of their own choices when it comes to putting on the entire palette on your face. The witty comments will lift your mood, and Joann does not cease to amaze us with her attitude as soon as she appears on the screen. She proves that age is just a number and you should not lose optimism under any circumstances.

Prepare to be blown away when you see the brilliant routine. This lady is giving out useful tips on how to feel attractive. She won’t go with the conventional notions of beauty. Instead, she plays by her own rules.

Her son follows in Joann’s footsteps, but today, she is the only star that shines on his personal channel. Check out the tape and don’t forget to take notes if you wish to remain optimistic just like this lady. She is definitely a showstopper, and the routine will leave you in awe in an instant. Joann does her best to turn the makeup process into art!