77-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Many Decades Ballet Experience and It’s Giving Goosebumps


She sounds like one of those wise grandmas!

Today we will talk with you about an incredible woman who has been doing ballet almost all her life. Today she is 77 years old and she is in excellent physical shape and still dances and teaches. She started dancing at the age of 7 . She says that ballet is her love for life. The story of a woman who’s name is Suzelle Poole will win your heart and inspire you to new beginnings.

Many of us think that bad is inaccessible to most people: from childhood we hear that ballerinas are the slimmest, thinnest and most flexible, but you need to learn this skill from an early age, otherwise it will be too late. Some of us grew up keeping this conviction, while others overcame themselves and learned ballet from a new side. Today it is not only a classic performance to be watched from the height of a velvet chair, but also a great way to keep yourself in shape.

Ballet schools for adults appear, sports trends inspired by classical dance are developing. Five girls, for whom ballet with elements of fitness is the main physical activity, told us what it gives them and why each of us can start dancing. Ballet brings not only pain – it gives confidence in your body, the joy of victories, energy, the desire to be better. Classical dance broadens the horizons: this is not monotonous physical education, here you need to think. Ballet forces you to get in shape: muscles dry out and stretch from intense exercise.

Usually everyone starts by warming up to a sweat, then differently. If the day is devoted to stretching the back, then swings, bridges and so on follow. If the parallel twine, then most of the lesson is devoted to the groin muscles, and, in fact, we work out the twine at the very end. There are also separate days for the machine. At the end of the class, we usually practice on pointe.

The main difficulty is to decide for more, to force yourself to take another approach, even if you already have very little strength. During the lesson, all muscles work – even those that, it seemed, never were inside. Much can be discovered in oneself. Ballet can be traumatic – if you put your foot in the wrong place, it is not enough to twist the joints, the load is not properly distributed. This is not a simple exercise, not a dance for pleasure – this is serious. But one has only to start and regularly study for at least a year – each achievement will become a discovery.

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