73-Year-Old Woman Wins the Hearts of AGT Audience With her Audition


She already won this competition and the hearts of many people.

Bodybuilding is not just a sport, it is the art of giving your body beautiful unique shapes. This word literally means “to build the body.” And like any construction, this process requires effort, willpower and creativity. One of the main rules of a bodybuilder is discipline!

Relief muscles and a perfectly shaped body are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind this lies incredible work, incredible willpower and an irresistible desire to achieve the goal. In a word – purposefulness! Of course, purposefulness must be followed by strict discipline and observance of all the rules of this way of life.

Of course, this is a sport that includes a certain program of training and diet. But many athletes, beginners in bodybuilding, discover a new culture of sports and project principles for their daily lives. This activity becomes a way of life. Like any other sport, there are rules for bodybuilding that athletes need to follow.

They have distinctive features compared to the requirements for other types of power loads. These rules are mandatory. Moreover, they must be adhered to in the complex, but not separated from each other. In this sport, the emphasis is on strength training, which allows you to pump muscle mass.

They are designed to convert body fat into muscle. Therefore, weights, dumbbells, barbells become the main tool for bodybuilder training. Today, this sport continues to enjoy the same popularity that it gained at its dawn, that is, in the 50-60’s.

The world-famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a second breath to bodybuilding culture, and the whole world realized how effective muscle pumping can be. After that, the professional athlete entered the film industry and made a terrific career.

In the video below you’re going to see an incredible woman who dedicated all her life to this sport. She’s 73 years old but she proves it just a number. Watch the video.