60-Year-Old Gold Medal Couple Is Going to Blow You Away with Smooth Dance on Ice. Watch


Wow! Just wow!

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are destined to win a place in your heart with the routine of the century. They know that they are going to be watched for hours on end, and the duo says that they love planning their performances in advance.

They have been in the art for more than twenty years, yet the pair is still worried about the impression that they make on the viewers mainly because they realize that they do not always have an opportunity to be practicing for ages and honing the craft that does not need any additional introductions.

Before the duo decided to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, the performers have already left the crowd in awe with the elegant choreographies that deserve to stay in the archive of ice dancing.

Although the fans had been looking forward to seeing the king and the queen of ice performances on the talent shows earlier than that, they understand the decision of the dancers to show off their abilities in front of the larger audience and give a few lessons to the youngsters they are definitely going to remember.

You will be blown away when you see the wonderful team below mainly because they know what it means to mesmerize the crowd in a matter of seconds. They chose the touching melody for the episode of the show that is already called a sensation, and when the dancing with professionals is about to take place, the crowd is simply rabid with joy.

They do not always have a chance to check out all the shows on repeat, but now, you have to witness Jayne and Christopher, who prove that years of performance can mean a lot to people, determined to keep up the good work through the years.

You will soon realize that we need to appreciate the dancers as they grace the ice with their presence, and it is no secret that the footage is gaining more and more views ever since the fans start flooding the comment section with positive reviews. There is no way you can miss the clip below, and it is important to point out that the duo does their best to stand out among the others and wow the audience!