4 Ways to Celebrate The Independence Day And Stay Safe


Classic American movies are perfect.

On July 4, we celebrate the biggest national holiday! Yes, beloved Independence Day. On July 4, 1776, thirteen states on the east coast of America declared independence from the British Empire and stopped to be its colonies. The Declaration of Independence was unanimously supported by thirteen states at a congress in Philadelphia.

Among the signatories was future US President Thomas Jefferson. Even after the declaration of independence, the confrontation with the British Empire did not stop until in 1783 the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war in favor of an independent America.

The first celebrations began almost immediately after the proclamation of the Declaration and were marked by public readings of the Declaration and military parades. This year unfortunately differs from another year. Here are some good ideas how to stay safe during Independence Day.

1. First and very good idea is to watch a good classic American movie. You can do it alone or with your family or with your boyfriend. Here’s a list of good films: Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961), classic Gone With The Wind (1939), romantic and sad Casablanca (1942), incredible The Godfather or Citizen Kane. It’s up to you. Chose any genre: comedy or horror. But of course we think it will be better to watch something funny and light.

2. Try new quarantine activity. Many different games online has gained popularity because of quarantine. You can also cook different interesting meals with your family. Banana bread, cakes and other good recipes you can also find on the Web.

3. Juicy hamburgers and favorite hot dogs are always associated with Fourth of July celebration. You can go out for grill party with your roommates or family. Or just order food in restaurant and let them deliver you your favorite snacks.

4. You can watch socially distant fireworks. Most countries cancelled the fireworks. But very few still takes place within the guidelines of social distancing.