30 Rare Photos of Princess Diana You Have Never Seen Before; These Remind Us Why She is Still Queen in Our Hearts


I could listen to her all day, something ever so soothing in her voice… What a beautiful, elegant, loving woman she was. Truly missed!

You can be a person of blue blood, but at the same time understand and respect ordinary people. One of the few was Princess Diana. She is from the royal family, the roots of her family line goes back to Mary Stewart. Diana had three brothers and sisters, they were all brought up in the spirit of high-ranking families – with governesses and nannies. She did not differ with special zeal for science, but she always had a desire to help people.

In 1977, Prince Charles came to the estate Spencer, where a 16-year-old girl first saw her future wife. Of course, then there was no question of any novel, Diana was shy, and she was going to go to study in a privileged boarding house in Switzerland.

Having been educated there for 2 years, the girl returned to London, where she went to work in a kindergarten. This is a completely normal experience for the then golden youth of England.

In 1980, they met again with Prince Charles, who at that time was already 32 years old. He was unmarried, than very upset parents – Elizabeth II and Philip. The cause for concern was also the relationship of Charles with a married lady.

They approved the candidacy of Diana as a wife right away. On July 29, 1981, 750 million people witnessed the marriage of Charles and Diana. But happiness was short-lived: constant quarrels, clarification of relationships, tears, disappointments …

The only consolation for Lady Dee was her sons – William and Harry. The boys were among the first in the royal family to attend preschool outside the palace, because Diana wanted them to live a normal life. She always took them on trips, often took to Disneyland.

She was an incredible woman ad mother. Here are some rare photos that you can see rarely on the Internet. She was an icon, a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She was so good for prince Charles.

She was a sweet innocent young girl whom they targeted for an heir to the throne. Her sons would ensure that her memories and her incredible work lives on. Live forever in our hearts.