3 Million Views. Surprised Pup Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum When Finds Cat in Her Bed


Such a gentle dog.

Have you ever wondered why cats don’t get along with dogs? This is not always happens. But today’s video will show you exactly this situation. Dog has the funniest reaction to a cat sleeping in his bed. Some facts about the behavior of cats and dogs. The notion that dogs are smarter than cats has been challenged again.

According to Japanese scientists, cats can do some memory tests as well as dogs, which means they can be just as smart. There is a study where almost 50 cats took part showed that they can recall pleasant experiences they had, such as a meal or a favorite meal. Puppies also exhibit this type of memory.

They remember a particular event, and this type of memory is known as episodic memory. These memories are unique to this particular person. Pets can have a good effect on the health of their owners, they started talking in the eighties after a study that showed that survival after a heart attack is much higher in people who have a dog or a cat. But sometimes these two creatures are called companion animals.

Once upon a time, people tamed them for their practical needs – to catch mice, help in hunting, guard the yard. But over time, cats and dogs have become more “friends” than human helpers. We need these animals for positive emotions, joint walks, communication, and even as salvation from loneliness.

But it happens that people cheat on their four-legged friends. Then the animals find themselves on the street, lonely and unadapted to life without a master. This is very sad. never do this to you four legged friends! The video below shows how a dog reacts to a funny cat. The fluffy creature is on dog’s territory.

This video is incredibly cute because the dog has just the sweetest hysteria about the cat taking its berth. Press the button and watch this funny moment.