20-Year-Old Girl Sets the Internet on Fire With Her Epic Irish Step Dancing Routine


Incredibly hard style of dance! But she’s really good at it.

Today we are going to talk about the young girl whose name is Morgan Bullock. She is from Richmond Virginia and she is dancing for all her life. She adores dancing but her favourite style is Irish step dance. She fell in love in the style of dance when she was watching the Irish concert when she was 10 years old.

Since that time she met some famous Irish dancers. Girl’s favourite phrase is: “No one makes history by staying inside the box” Young girl created her own account TikTok because she wanted to share her performances. She wanted the whole world to see her dancing. She has incredible moves that she took from the famous artists like incredible Janet Jackson and her brother Michael, also Drake and many others.

Over years she practiced a lot and her passion for these dance only increased. She said that the Irish dance is a cultural form that was created for the all people in the world and it should be shared! She also added that the dance was really born out of oppression. She said that appreciate a lot to be a little black girl that is a part of this beautiful art.

She spent hours by using her dance talent to touch the peoples’ souls and she never gonna stop! Before the beginning of the pandemic Morgan took part in many competitions in different cities of The Great Britain and United States. She was invited to share the stage with the Epic Riverdance show!

But do you know what is the best part of all of this? She became the idol for other girls who had the same dreams to become a famous dancer! Morgan also can give some good lessons for younger people or older, it doesn’t matter. She said that it’s a big honor to teach dancing.

We wish her luck and success because she is doing the good things! Now you’re ready to watch the video about this amazing girl who is very young but she has an incredible potential!