15 Vintage Photos That Show Amazing Women’s Street Style from 1920s.


They were so elegant!

The 1920s was often called the period of drama and dance, and the roaring twenties was another name for the decade after the First World War. The fashion products that were not available suddenly became popular among the middle class citizens, who started following trends as the industrialization progressed.

Below, you will see some of the timeless designs that will make your head go round. Though the fashion of that period has nothing in common with what we might witness today, we still believe that it might be a mind-blowing discovery for those, who study the designs of that period.

According to the experts, people suddenly became bold and daring in terms of their outfits and personal identification. They wanted to express themselves by choosing items that were not only lavish and expensive but also too fashion forward even for that era. With many clothing pieces becoming affordable at the time, we can say that the 1920s was indeed the decade of an elaborate taste!

  1. Norma Shearer was a Hollywood actress back in the 1920s. In this photo, she is posing in front of the White House. It was taken in 1929, and we can’t get enough of the beautiful image of the lady. She is the epitome of class that existed back in the day, and her dress is another proof that you don’t have to be tacky to remain elegant.

  1. This woman from Greenwich Village is hanging posters around town. Her look, complete with the curls and a scarf, symbolizes the bold era of the raging twenties, where the movements for liberation enabled women to express their opinion and make a statement about the equality between the genders and social classes.

Amazing photos from 20s' that shows incredible style! Timeless designs that will make your head go round. Save and repin!

  1. Did you know that first yo-yos were already known to people, who lived in the 1920s? This girl is playing with her favorite toy in Berlin in 1928, and this is so historically accurate that we can’t get enough of the photo!

  1. People knew how to dress back then! This improvised runway of the fashion queens in Washington is going to knock you off your feet. Each of the ladies has an individual style, and together, they make a union that is impossible to forget. They are strolling down the street with confidence that makes their outfits even more daring!

  1. This picture was taken in Harlem, and the girls in the photo look so cute that you can’t define the winner of the fashion competition. Their hats and coats are simply perfect for the cold days!

  1. Milan has always been referred to as the center of style, so it is no wonder that these beautiful ladies feel on top of the world as they are posing for the photographers in Italy in 1929. They know that they have style, and they are not afraid to show it!

  1. This woman is walking with her dog in Washington, and her hairstyle matches her overall fashion choices perfectly. She looks like a queen of the streetwear, though sporting none of the hipster chic that is so popular these days!

  1. The ladies in fabulous dresses are walking towards the cameras, and you know that they are going to be the center of attention whenever they walk into the room. Get ready to witness the true legends of fashion that were famous back in the day. They are posing with an attitude, and that only adds to the positive impression!

  1. Looks like these women are ready to go out. They are dressed to the nines, and when they turn around to strike the best pose for the photographer, you know that they have been choosing their outfits for hours in order to avoid the matching shades. This parade of beauty is indeed astonishing!

  1. The model is wearing a wrap over coat that was the highlight of fashion taste in the past. It surely looks good on her!

The end of the war brought steady economic prosperity for most of the people, and some of them realized that they can now afford more styles when they did earlier. This led to the discovery of trends that were long forgotten and the flourishing of the fashion world.

The industry started producing the items that were unheard of previously, and we are ready to explore some of them, presented in the gallery. At the time, most people decided to abandon the strict lines that did not leave them room for self-expression. This was the right decision, and you will be delighted to witness some of the most impressive designs.

They can be compared to the fashion trends that exist these days, and we think that you need to check out the gallery to form your own opinion about the era. We have to thank the ladies for their straightforward choices that brought innovative designs on the market. They knew how to accentuate their best features!

  1. The woman is wearing a curved dress that is reserved for special occasions. She is smiling for the camera, and you can see that she is content with her choice of an outfit. It is indeed unusual, and the roaring twenties once again prove to be an entertaining era!

  1. This is one of the brightest examples of town fashion that you can find if you start looking through the catalogue of dresses from the 1920s. We bet that many film directors took their inspirations from the ladies like the one below. She is ready to paint the town red!

  1. This is the kind of street style that makes an unforgettable impression on anyone, who looks at the image. The gorgeous models have chosen extraordinary hats to stand out from the crowd!

  1. The free dress was another hit in the 1920s. It was supposed to be hanging in the bottom to create the swishing effect, and this lady sports the style with confidence!

  1. This model was styled by Lanvin, and she is dressed to impress. It is true that fashion designers know better when it comes to an elegant street style!