15 Amazing Pics That Mother Nature Gives Us.


Funny compilation.

I wish I could win at least once. Until now, a person treats luck as the highest good that needs to be attracted. Only then will things be successful, and the house – a full bowl. Probably each of us raised the question of the fairness of the distribution of life’s benefits. Why does one always get everything and the other nothing?

Or less than they could get. And, of course, the answer is often this: we were just unlucky. “They’re lucky, and I’m a loser.” But is it just a coincidence, being in the right place at the right time? For some, this is far from the case.

Although the circumstances are in their favor, but still a good result can be an indicator of hard work and well-done work on yourself and on your life. These two factors – luck and work – are inextricably linked, even if people tend to deny it. Somewhere the first prevails, somewhere – the second. However, the point is that, denying this fact, people do not even notice how luck shapes their behavior and also affects morale.

We know famous people who have achieved a lot in this life, despite not the most favorable conditions. Someone had to make his way from the bottom to make a name for himself, to advance his invention someone had to pad the thresholds of various companies in search of an investor and a person who will believe in them.

We pay tribute to these people, but we cannot completely deny the role of luck. But, as a rule, few of them admit that he was lucky. You do not need to make a titanic effort to find the joy of life or get rid of problems and succeed.

The main thing is to believe in yourself and give yourself a positive attitude. You can do this with the power of words. It turns out that temperament or luck is not something supernatural, but a very real situation that can lead to a person’s way of thinking and his specific actions.

Watch the hilarious compilation of photos where people definitely were lucky.