130-Pound Saint Bernard Who’s Never Set Foot in a Home Before, Finally Finds a Family


This imposing dog, powerful, beautiful and very calm in nature, is extremely affectionate.

He himself infinitely loves everyone he lives with. This breed is loved on all continents. Saint Bernard is prudent and phlegmatic. There is no more loyal and reliable friend among the variety of breeds. The dedicated dog was specially bred to help people. He copes well with his “duties” while serving in high-altitude hard-to-reach snow areas. To this day, he serves there, rescuing climbers in trouble.

In urban conditions, St. Bernard does not feel comfortable. He can be called a family dog. The animal simply adores children, becoming a caring nanny for them. Those, in turn, also love the dog. It is impossible not to be moved by looking into his kind dark brown eyes. He is a real gentleman, generous, powerful and forgiving.

Not at all aggressive towards strangers, St. Bernard changes when it comes to protecting property or the owner himself. In such moments it is better not to hit a dangerous opponent. Despite its phlegmatic nature, the dog has a lightning reaction, which, combined with extraordinary strength and strong grip, is a powerful weapon. Endurance, tremendous strength, dedication distinguish dogs of this breed.

But St. Bernard’s respect must be earned. At the same time it is inadmissible to “beat and break” it. The animal does not recognize the “block of posts”, becoming in captivity closed and evil, he loses his “zest”. The process of training St. Bernard is somewhat different from training other dogs, because they mature mentally much slower than other breeds. Disciplined and obedient puppy better perceives everything, sublime in the form of games and only “in a good way.

” A very strong dog will not allow anything by force to achieve from it. If contact with the owner is established, St. Bernard will give his life for him.This moment is so touching.