120 Dancers Burn the Stage With Unbelievable Turkish Performance


So much energy and love around it.

Turkish folk dances are the result of combining the cultures of different peoples for millennia. Therefore, in Turkey there are about 4 thousand types of dances, each of which has its own history. Turkish cuisine abounds in a variety of dishes with unique flavors and can whet the appetite of even the most discerning gourmet.

A variety of meat dishes, seafood and vegetable recipes, sweets and pastries for all tastes win the hearts (or rather, the stomachs) of travelers who find themselves in the country every year. Many Turkish dishes are high in calories, as their main ingredients often include meat, olive and butter, flour and rice.

Food here is loved to be fried and baked in the oven, and many desserts are prepared in a deep fryer. Of course, there are also national dishes for fans of healthy eating, which are prepared on the basis of vegetables, legumes and dietary meat. Slices of vegetables.

Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and greens, rich in vitamins, are an essential part of the morning meal. Weddings in Turkey are a serious matter and full of their unique traditions based on Islam and the specifics of a region.

For example, the Black Sea Turks are required to shoot guns, and in the central towns and villages there are even special ceremonial houses for engagements. But in all cases, family ties are important in this southern country. In this it is similar to the Ukrainian. The wedding is celebrated by the whole family, inviting guests from the most remote corners of the region, the country and even the world.

The Turks are a friendly, talkative and hospitable people, and in their own way pragmatic and emotional. In Turkey, at weddings you will not find tables cluttered with food and alcohol. On the contrary, there is not enough food and no drinking at all, because Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol.

Therefore, lovers of good food or drink have nothing to do at Turkish weddings, except to dance, because the Turks dance a lot. But everything is in order.