11 Funny Pictures That Prove Pets Can Sleep Anywhere, in Any Position Imaginable.


Cuteness overload!

According to the statistics, cats can sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day. They are considered to be elegant creatures that will always land on their feet when they jump, but when the bad calls, they can snooze in the most awkward places ever. It is good that their owners have a camera to capture these sweet moments.

Dogs, on the other hand, require much more sleep than humans usually do, so you should not be surprised when you see your favorite pet dozing off on the couch while the rest of the family is running around the house. The experts say that you should not disturb the pooches as they are trying to get their night’s rest, because this is the time when they fully recharge their batteries and prepare for the next day.

You will soon find out that our friends the cats can fall asleep whenever they feel comfortable, and though their owners might be amazed by the choice of the location, it seems appropriate for the felines. You will be laughing out loud when you see these fellows dozing off in the dishwashers and other seemingly weird places.

Dogs are no less hilarious as they snooze on their back with their bellies exposed. The experts claim that it means they feel safe around you, and you should not be worried about this positive sign. Indeed, animals are our best companions at all times!

  1. This cat is so cute that you won’t be able to look away from the photo. He is sitting on the dishwasher to make sure that no one comes by without him taking note of the stranger. This means that the feline is really protective. Be careful next time you decide to enter the kitchen because the kitty patrol is watching you 24 hours a day. We guess that the owners have to wash those dishes one more time!

  1. The dog has been chasing his friends in the park all day long, so when he came home, he decided that this is the best time for a nap. You need to take a look at the odd position that the pooch has taken. He looks as if he is trying to rest, but the owners know that the little one is going to be up before they gather for dinner. His energy is overwhelming!

  1. This kitty thought that the bed is too far away, so he doesn’t want to get up and find a perfect sleeping place. Instead, he chose the location that will make you roll on the floor with laughter. You need to check this out and decide if you really want to follow his example.

  1. The pooch you are going to see next is nothing short of hilarious. He has a funny expression when he decides to lounge on the sofa, so his family members do not want to disturb him in the rare minutes of rest. This is one of those days when the dog wants to lay back and make the whole world wait. Do you still need to find out the definition of peace and tranquility?

  1. This cat was so tired that he started climbing up the wall. However, upon waking up he realized that the spot is not as comfortable as he expected and he needs to do something to get down in a matter of seconds. Seriously, this is a rather uncomfortable position to find yourself in, and we are already wondering how the cat is going to act next. He is the epitome of cuteness, and he knows it.

  1. Somebody, give this pooch a pillow already because he is too tired. He is leaning on the hard table with all his might, and you will immediately feel sorry for the little one as soon as you spot him on the screen. He knows how to draw the attention of the owners, and we are sure that they are going to rescue their beloved pet as soon as they see that he cannot sleep properly. He will melt your heart right away!

When felines and pooches want to sleep, there is nothing that can stop them from getting what they want. These cuties will do everything to get their fair share of rest, but you will be blown away when you spot the locations that were chosen by the little ones.

The animal experts claim that cats and dogs have different perceptions of comfort, that’s why they are often found in various sleeping places that would otherwise be regarded as bizarre and unlikely. We should not blame the pets for choosing comfort every time they seek a perfect sleeping location, because they know what they are doing!

When you witness the compilation below, you will understand why animals never cease to amaze us with their manners. They may be well-behaved and polite, but when they cannot share a bed with other pets that live in the house, they may throw a tantrum without giving it a second thought. Prepare for some serious belly laughs at the sight of these photos!

  1. This girl is trying to work on the computer, but that seems impossible since she is constantly distracted by the presence of her cat. The little one is trying really hard to become the center of the room, and we think that he found a perfect way to do it. Honestly, it remains a mystery how the young lady is still able to perform the task. It is a big challenge with the cat sitting on top of you!

  1. The dog closed his eyes to show everyone that he feels like a squeezed lemon and won’t move until he gets enough rest. This is one of those times when you have to agree with the users, assuming that the pooch is simply tired and requires long hours of sleep to feel refreshed again. Let’s hope that he will be better over the course of time!

  1. When you don’t want to move and are having one of those lazy days we all know about, there is no better way to spend your time than start stretching on the bed. This kitty follows the instructions with a precision that is going to make you laugh, and we think that he just became the hero of the day. Take a look at this fellow and don’t forget to check out his funny pose.

  1. This dog looks like he is doing some kind of an elaborate exercise, and we already want to know more about the pooch. He belongs to the category of canines that can surprise us at all times, and we are already looking forward to seeing him again. What a sweet pet!

  1. The picture below might be one of the most adorable sights you can ever come across on the social media. He is sleeping in a cup, and we think that he can make your day better with his mere presence. Of course, the owners do not want to miss the moment, that’s why they decide to take a beautiful picture of their house pet. You will swoon at the image of the kitty!