10 Times Cops Were Caught Being Cool Guys


So funny!

It is known that stressful jobs require people being alert throughout the day. They do not have a moment’s peace, settling the affairs and running errands as the hours go by. To mend this and reduce the levels of anxiety, some guys decide to have fun while they are at work. The following compilation is a vivid proof of this.

Though the police officers are often considered rigid and detached, they are not like that in real life. Popular movies may portray them as people who abide the law and do not have time to fool around, but the gallery you are going to see next proves that cops are just humans at the end of the day. They love relaxation when the time is right.

These men and women know that they have to find a positive side to their job, that’s why they are doing their best to entertain others when they have a spare minute. Prepare to get lots of laughs from the photos. These police officers were caught being hilarious, and now, they have to answer for their actions. The images below will put a smile on your face!

  1. The donuts are hidden in the secret lair that has to be discovered immediately, and these guys know that they need to find it now. The race has just begun.

  1. If you have time to make others smile, then your work is always rewarded. It seems like someone is turning a movie fantasy into a reality!

  1. The duo is inseparable, and they know that they will work together no matter what. The difference in height does not mean anything for the two!

  1. Working out with the Hula Hoop is an important part of the police training, and this guy knows it well enough.

  1. If you had no idea that sweet donuts have to be caught as well, the team below may prove you wrong. They’ve invented a game that made them viral stars on the media.

  1. A pair of pink handcuffs is enough to make an impression on anyone, who is watching. This is a good choice!

  1. The offender is moving away, but the police officer is going to catch him in a matter of seconds!

  1. Whenever you meet a team like this, you have to provide safety for the group and make sure that they meet no harm.

  1. The group of officers has been caught by the Star Wars character, and now, they have to follow his orders without hesitation.

  1. The guy is a car expert as well, and his talents are indeed mind-blowing!