10 Surprising Rules That a Pregnant British Princess Should Follow.


They are like from another world. 

It is no surprise that British monarchs have certain rules that they need to stick to if they want the public to accept them like royalty. You will be amazed when you find out more about the dress code and the way the Duchess of Cambridge needs to behave when she is expecting.

The rules may seem strict to ordinary people, and yet, they are a part of the traditional set of regulations that are necessary to maintain. Kate Middleton is the one to follow the instructions, so it is no wonder that she is so respected among the people.

Check out her regime below and discover more about the life of royalty these days. They may bathe in luxury, but when it comes to customs and traditions, they have to be able to follow them all. The princesses and princes are not an exception, and they may be subjected to inconveniences just like the ordinary people!

  1. Kate is not allowed to reveal the gender of her future baby, and that is a basic rule of being a part of the royal family.

  1. It is also not allowed to accept any kids of gifts. Unlike, the ordinary women, the Duchess has to stay away from the presents!

  1. She is not permitted to drive, because her health has to be protected at all costs.

  1. The member of the royal family cannot be in a bad mood when they appear in front of the public. They have to be smiling the whole time!

  1. It is known that the gender of the baby can be revealed based on your preferences in food, so the future mom is not allowed to taste anything at the public meetings.

  1. The entire duration of the maternity leave cannot be more than 5 months.

  1. You cannot buy clothes for the baby in retail stores across the country. The special designs are prepared by the people in charge, who will take care of everything!

  1. Revealing outfits are strictly forbidden for the Duchess, since they may cause rumors in the press and generally tease the reporters that are just waiting for the information leak!

  1. The date of the childbirth should not be announced beforehand due to the same reasons.

  1. The selfies of the baby should not be taken by the royal family, even if the custom seems cute.