10 Surprising Facts You Definitely Don’t Know About Marilyn Monroe.


I admire this woman. She’s the icon of fashion and style.

All of Monroe’s work is about her sexuality and femininity. In 1947, the star undressed for the first time and starred in an erotic photo shoot. At the time, it was a great courage even for the States. She was on the first cover of the Playboy magazine. Her beauty is incomparable. Her face and body shapes became iconic.

Everyone was talking about her life and there were a lot of rumours and gossip. She was an icon and the legend but there are some unknown facts about her that you probably still don’t know.

1. Marilyn Monroe is an orphan. People tried to adopt her 11 times, but without success.

2. In early childhood, her grandmother tried to strangle her. She had schizophrenia.

3. The famous blonde had “paraffin” breasts (in those days there was no silicone).

4. The movie legend was not only beautiful but also clever. Monroe adore reading different literature, she had 400 hundred books in her library.

5. According to the directors who made the movie with the star, Marilyn was constantly confusing the text and was late for filming. Sometimes they had to do up to forty shoots to film an episode.

6. Monroe’s death caused the “Werther effect” (a massive wave of suicide) later lots of American people started to do the same.

7. Her hair color from birth is brown. The actress changed almost 14 shades of blonde – from light gold to platinum.

8. She did not like diamonds and rented them specifically for the stage.

9. As a child, the girl could not pronounce without a pause two words. She corrected her imperfection for three years.

10. It is widely believed that the actress had incredible wealth. But this is not true. She was often supported by her fans, but she did not earn much. Her biggest salary is $ 300,000 for her role in the comedy “Some Like It Hot “. Despite the fact she is the owner of numerous awards.