10 Surprising Facts about Royal Family You Had No Idea About.


It’s not an easy job being Queen. 

Among the royalty that we know, the British monarchs happen to be the most popular ones. The media sources are informing us about the latest gossip, coming from the reliable sources, and the upper class society never ceases to amaze us with the amount of rumors, related to them.

It is natural to assume that the whole world is watching the lives of the chosen few, including the Queen and her children. However, there is still something that might have escaped the public attention, and now, we would like you to learn more about the ways of the royals. You will be blown away when you discover the truth behind the magazine covers.

Some say that being a part of royalty has its merits, but we should not forget that it is also a huge responsibility for everyone involved. When you are forced to follow the rules and abide by the law, you find yourself looking for options that might involve disappearing from the public’s attention. The compilation is going to reveal more secrets about the royal family!

  1. There are fifteen official members of the royal family, and fifteen more that are considered to be related to the monarchs. They are the Queen’s relatives, and though they do not have titles, they are usually referred to as dukes, earls and lords.

  1. Though the secrets of the Queen’s daily routine have not been revealed in full detail, the reporters told the viewers that Her Majesty usually drinks tea in the morning. She prefers Earl Grey and English breakfast, followed by a meal shortly afterwards. In the evening, the assistants bring in a red suitcase that contains the documents of the national importance. No one is allowed to deal with them except the royal lady!

  1. Elizabeth’s favorite jewelry is a necklace that she received from her grandfather. Together with the earrings, the set represents the face of the British monarchy today.

  1. Traditionally, the monarchs change their names when they ascend the throne. When Elizabeth II received the title, the choice was optional. Although there have been a few petitions, asking the Queen to follow the custom, she stands her ground and is addressed by her real name.

  1. Elizabeth II is often called the Queen of England, but technically, this is not correct. She is the monarch of the United Kingdom and 16 countries across the globe, which is a pretty impressive statistics for anyone, who is interested.

  1. William and Harry love to spend their free time at the military camps, but lately, they have recognized their responsibilities and thus prefer to spend more time with their nearest and dearest.

  1. The rumor has it that each member of the royal family addresses the Queen in a different way, with her husband choosing to call her Lilibet. Though this was not confirmed, it certainly caused a sensation on the social media!

  1. They say that Elizabeth II is very frugal and almost Spartan-like when it comes to her needs and personal preferences. She is a role model for all her servants, and the reporters say that the monarch has been choosing the same color of nail polish for years!

  1. The Queen travels around the world when the duty calls, and her official representatives claim that she will appear where she is needed the most.

  1. The monarch has been trying to avoid scandals for years, but when the pictures of her saluting Nazi-style have appeared on the magazine cover, she was really frustrated, telling the media sources that it was an innocent gesture back in the day and was considered nothing more than a greeting.