10 Hilarious Things You Will Only See at Hartjesdagen Zeedijk Festival


So funny!

This festival is full of funny people who are taking their outfits to the next level. Hartjesdagen Zeedijk is the name of the event that is taking place in Amsterdam, and you need to get ready to witness the expected once you arrive here together with your friends.

In the past, children took part in the festivities to gain prizes and money from the elders. However, the atmosphere of the festival has changed over the years. At the moment, it is the event that is dedicated to cross-dancing, and the following compilation will surely put a smile on your face.

You cannot only dress in the fashion of the previous era, but also pick the colors of your dream if you decide to visit the exotic place. The festival attracts many tourists from every corner of the country, and 8it is no wonder that the media community is in love with the idea of the event!

  1. These men have been told that confidence is the secret of success, and now, they are living up to the statement.

  1. When you don’t have money to buy real dresses, you have to create something on your own.

  1. Cinderella doesn’t have to worry, because her guardian is coming for her any time soon.

  1. These heels are complicated to walk in, and the guys know everything about this issue. They are taking some rest right in the middle of the street.

  1. You won’t be able to drink more today, because the lady won’t allow it by all means.

  1. This man loves himself so much that is ready to choose an outfit that shows two sides of his personality.

  1. When you are tired to be waiting for the prince to arrive and rescue you from all the troubles of the world, you can become the prince without additional help. That’s what the hero does below!

  1. She is not afraid to be sitting like that, and the viewers are in awe when they see the image.

  1. This outfit was inspired by the glittery dresses of the movie celebrities, and it definitely makes an impression on the audience. The diva is ready to step on the red carpet and sign the papers for the fans. This is fantastic!

  1. The elephant could no longer stand straight, and we think that we should forgive him for losing the balance. He did not expect this to happen!