10 Funny Photos of Dogs Sleeping in the Most Awkward Positions and Places to Make You Smile


They must be very tired.

There are conditions that are hard to fight. If you desperately wish to take a nap, you need to come to terms with your own drowsiness and pull yourself together to fight with this state for the rest of the day and still be productive. However, there are pups that simply can’t afford this.

They are doing their best to make an impression on the viewers, but soon fall victims to their own sleepiness. We are used to seeing the cats adopting the strangest poses whenever they take a nap, but the same can be said about the pooches that you are going to see next. They are indeed unusual!

When they feel the desire to rest for a while, they prefer not to struggle with it, because they are certain that they are not going to win. We would like you to check out the sleepy dogs from the compilation and prepare to be stunned. They are giving in to sleep and making the viewers go insane with the images, captured below!

  1. When you are too tired to move, it really doesn’t matter where you are sleeping.

  1. He chose the most unusual place to rest, but we are here to marvel at the pooch below.

  1. This dog does not need a bed to feel fine. He chose the owner’s slippers as his perfect spot, and we can’t deny that he looks excellent!

  1. He is probably dreaming about adventures, and we can’t look away from the little one in the photo.

  1. If you think that the pose is unusual, you need to check on this pooch again. He knows what he is doing!

  1. The office worker is too tired to be functioning properly, so we need to give him some rest.

  1. The yoga dog is the hero of the compilation. He shows us that he can be rather flexible!

  1. One does not require a proper bed to feel happy, and we think that this fellow is the one who can prove it.

  1. Whenever the pooch is at the gym, he takes the session to the maximum level. You will be laughing out loud when you see him below!

  1. This is the perfect way to spend a weekend, and we think that this guy can agree with the statement. He takes advantage of the situation and decides to stay in the sun!