10 Funny Photos of Cats Who Refuse to Admit That Their Boxes Are Too Small


Oh, these adorable kitties!

If you start thinking about the animals that actually run the world and become the bosses in the household, the answer is obvious. We are talking about cats, and the following compilation proves that they are the leaders when it comes to the high level of cuteness.

These guys simply love finding new ways of entertainment, and when they discover there are actually cardboard boxes in the house, they know it is time for them to run the show. Get ready for the overload of emotions as you witness the kitties below and do not forget to appreciate their stance on personal freedom.

Cats do not like to be told what to do. Instead, they prefer to play by their own rules. Look at the felines who are currently sitting inside the boxes and prepare to laugh a lot. They know that they are the center of attention, and they are intended to make the most of it whenever they have a chance!

  1. The general cat rules say: if there is a box nearby, the feline will definitely find it!

  1. When the owner asked the hotel staff about the box for the cat, they sent him this. What an adorable picture!

  1. The tough kitty is winning hearts, and his threatening look speaks for itself.

  1. The owner wanted to put the box on the shelf, but when he came back, he noticed that his pet had already claimed it.

  1. When you are used to luxurious accommodation, you certainly cannot settle for less.

  1. We believe that the owners need to come up with the box that will allow the kitten to fill it completely.

  1. The cat is having a vacation, and no one should disturb him at the moment!

  1. These two love sharing a box, and we think that they are the epitome of adorable. You can’t be angry with the cuties, because they know that they have already won your heart.

  1. The box is too small, but the cat wants to try it out as soon as possible and the owners cannot deny him the pleasure.

  1. When you are caught red-handed, you have to come up with a decent excuse to cover up the tricks and pranks that you have been pulling. We think that the cat knows that as well because he looks genuinely bewildered by what is going on!